So.. you don’t want to be an Oompa Loompa??

Self tanning is SCARY. I have had my fair share of embarrassing tanning fails. Did anyone else tan JUST their legs in high school, to the point where they didn’t look like they belonged to their own body? Or was that just me?


Tanning has come a LONG way since then and we’ve compiled a list of Tanning products worth a try and tanning products you can definitely give a miss.

Bondi Sands Exfoliating Mitt

Bondi Sands Exfoliating Mitt:
Bondi Sands exfoliating mitt is great for both prepping the skin for a long lasting tan, and getting rid of the remainders of a stubborn tan.
Worth the buy? We think so!

Le Tan Charcoal Exfoliating Mitt

Let Tan Charcoal Exfoliating Mitt:
It’s a plain old exfoliating mitt with benefits of charcoal, so not only are you exfoliating away those dead skin cells, the remainder of your last tanning session and that feeling of touching soggy food in the sink.. the charcoal is going to work like a magnet to really help get it all off your skin.
Worth the buy? Yes!

Wotnot Gradual Tan:
I don’t know what it is about the Wotnot brand, but for being “100% wots good. 0% wots not” every product of theirs we’ve used has made our skin sting and feel like its burning… we tend to avoid it now. This tan was no different, after leaving it on for a few minutes, we had the same burning/stinging sensation and rinsed it off. Sorry guys! We wanted to love you.. but our skin just didn’t.
Worth the buy? If you have sensitive skin, we wouldn’t recommend chancing it.

Le Tan Uber Dark – Murula Oil

Le Tan Uber Dark – Murula Oil
Oh my tanning lord, thank you. Le Tan, I feel, used to be a bit of a subpar brand in the tanning world.. it was OKAY but not GREAT. Well, well, well… boy have they GLOWED UP! I personally adooooore this tan, my skin is a little more on the dryer side so not only does this leave a gorgeous tan, but it’s also hydrating. They have other options for different skin tones and they all leave a gorgeous NATURAL LOOKING tan.. it smells great. it looks great, it feels great.
Worth the buy? 10/10 would continually buy over and over again.

Bondi Sands Ultra Dark

Bondi Sands – Ultra Dark
Le Tans fiercest competitor in our opinion. Bondi Sands is known as THE tanning brand and rightfully so, its a super tough decision between Bondi Sands and Let Tans Uber Dark. Both equally as amazing as one another, it just depends on how custom you want your tan.. at this stage Bondi Sands have yet to release a tan for different skin types… but then again, I haven’t seen Bondi Sands look bad on anyone!
Worth the buy? Of course!

B.Tan pre-shower 9 minute tan

B.Tan Pre-Shower 9 Minute Tan:
Anyone promising a tan in under 10 minutes, I’ll give a go.
When you apply this tan, it looks like someone mixed some charcoal in a foam and you’re applying it all over your body; it’s not a pretty sight.
None the less, I left it on, after the 9 minutes, I jumped in my LUKEWARM shower for the designated 45 seconds and watched my charcoal coloured tan go down the drain.. after hopping out of the shower, still white, I was convinced it didn’t work… HOWEVER when I woke up the next morning I did find I had half a shade more of colour.
Worth the buy? Meh, I don’t know anyone who only wants to be half a shade darker….

Bondi Sands 1 hour express

Bondi Sands 1 hour express:
I had a similar experience with the Bondi Sands 1 hour express, maybe its just my skin? However, when I woke up, I had less of an ashy tan and more of Bondi Sands signature golden tan.. but again, its nowhere near like using their ultra dark overnight.z
Worth the buy? I think, if you’re going to go to the effort of tanning, do it properly and have one that sits overnight.

Mine Tan Ultra Hydrating Rose Facial Tan Mist

Mine Tan Ultra Hydrating Rose Facial Tan Mist:
I love that this a gradual tan and im not going to look like an Oompa Loompa made out with me if I don’t spray every part of my face. Do try to get all of your face though.. otherwise you’ll look patchy.
worth the buy? if you’re good at covering your face evenly with mist.. go for it. If not, give it a miss.

Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser

Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser:
Thank you tanning gods for creating a product that gets rid of horrible tans, patchy tans or when you try a new brand that looks awful on you.
Bondi Sands self tan eraser is a must have in my tanning collection in my opinion.
Worth the buy? Hell Yes.

Have you got another Priceline tanning fave??
Help a sister out and let us know so we can try it out too!