Minenssey Skincare – Review

When it comes to skincare, I have a little obsession with masks.
Not sheet masks though, I have yet to find a sheet mask that has
A) fit my face
B) Not felt like a slug is attempting to sit on my face.
C) Actually feels like it has made a difference to my skin.

I do however love the face masks that you have to physically paint onto your face, not only does it feel satisfying painting your face but you’re guaranteed to have the mask sit exactly where you want it to.

A little while back, I went to Minenssey skincare’s launch and was gifted all four masks to try.
At the time, although I had liked them, I hadn’t used all of them enough to decide whether I LOVED them.
Minenssey masks are clay masks made by using mineral and plant-based natural ingredients that originate from Australia.

Heres my review:

First off, let’s talk price point, although my masks were gifted, price point is still super important to discuss.
Each mask is $79.. which to me is just a less intense looking $80.
In general masks can start anywhere from $4 to upwards of a $1000, clay masks however usually sit in between the $15 – $160 mark so in terms of Clay Mask pricing its sitting right in the middle.

Rejuvenating – This was the first mask I tried which actually made me a little nervous to try the others, for some reason when I first tried this mask my skin had a reaction to it and felt a little burnt after using it.. it may have reacted with something i’d put on my face earlier though, because when I finally got around to trying it again, I didn’t have a reaction and my skin looked awake and fresh.
If you have sensitive skin and want to give this a go, I’d recommend leaving it on for 10 minutes and washing it off, however if it start feeling hot.. wash it off straight away and put a moisturising serum onto your skin. I haven’t had an issue with it after the first time so just make sure there are no other products on your skin prior to using the mask.
It makes your skin look and feel beautiful, if you’re skin is looking tired, definitely give this one a go.

Brightening – This is the mask I don’t tend to reach for as often because I feel my skin is already quite bright. However, it does work and is a beautiful mask you can have sitting on your skin for ages while you’re working at home, watching Netflix or soaking in the bath.

Deep Cleansing – The deep cleansing mask is great if you have problematic skin, I find if my skin has not been cooperating with me, I reach for this mask. I notice a difference straight away. It seems to cleanse the skin without the drying feeling, calm redness and reduce the look of pores.

Hydrating – My favourite by far. If you suffer from dry skin, this mask is your new best friend. I will pop this mask on and do my housework, ironing, washing, watch Netflix, dance around my house, watch KUWTK on Stan, have a nap, play with my dog, pick out my outfit for dinner, realise I need another nap, take another nap and finally get up and shower to cleanse it off and my skin feels so hydrated and flawless after this. It’s so gentle on the skin, calming and hydrating.

Need to knows:
– None of these masks will dry completely on your skin, the only one that comes close to that is the deep cleansing mask, this is what makes the masks safer on sensitive skin.
Each pot, depending on the size of your face will get 1 or 2 (if you have a small face like me) uses.
Each set comes with 9 masks, and one brush to apply them, the pots can be removed from the box which makes them the perfect travel size too!
From what I understand there isn’t a trial box that have a couple of each masks, however if enough people ask for a box to exist.. they have to bring it in.. right?

Wanna check them out? Click HERE
Have you tried Minenssey skincare before? Let us know what your thoughts were.