Chicago comes to Sydney

Welcome to the 1920s, filled with fame, fortune and all that Jazz.

The Sydney Stage production of “Chicago” was incredible. Alinta Chidzeys vocal performance throughout the show was phenomenal, her vocal control while dancing was awe inspiring and her range was a dream to listen to. Alinta plays the iconic roll of “Velma Kelly”, and when she was on stage, it was hard to take your eyes off her.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte plays “Roxie Hart” in the show, and if you go in expecting the pop singer to sound like a pop singer trying to do theatre.. you will be pleasantly surprised. Nats vocal ability and technical skill comes with ease and makes it sound like she was born to do theatre. It clean, clear, strong, with a gorgeous tone, not sounding overly “theatreish” but definitely not classic pop. 

Tom Burlinson really sinks his teeth into being a cunning lawyer.. seriously, all we saw was our friends dad (who’s a lawyer) walking on stage… it could have been the age though. Toms vocal performance did not disappoint and neither did his dancing skills.

Although Casey Donovan got one of the loudest rounds of applause, and in no way was her vocal performance bad.. we both thought it could have been better. Maybe because she had been hyped up so much and our expectations were set unnaturally high, we definitely thought there were stronger vocals throughout the show. HOWEVER, Casey played her part of “Mama Morton” beautifully, as a character we couldn’t fault her. 

The rest of the ensemble did an incredible job, we thoroughly enjoyed the cell block tango, it was SO hard not to sing along. You can tell theres been a lot of rehearsals and the crew all work together so well.

The dancing was mesmerising and infectious, if you get home and DON’T want to strut around swinging your legs over chairs… there’s something wrong with you. The costuming throughout the show was stunning, the interaction with the maestro and band throughout the evening was a breath of fresh air, and the use of props and stage design was cleverly thought out.

Even if you’ve never seen Chicago, don’t know the storyline, don’t know any of the songs, we definitely recommend checking it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Chicago was humorous, filled with drama, music, dance, confetti, stockings, lace, red lips and was overall an enthralling show.