Why Hello Sailor

I’m a sucker for a good event, but it’s not because of the food, the drinks and the photo opportunities. When you’re at a PR event, it’s so nice to see the people behind the event, to say thank you and the sense of community at the event. I can’t explain it, it’s just… nice. Last week I attended the Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum event hosted by the beautiful people at Red Havas PR.
WHY was there an event for Sailor Jerry??

Well after nearly 20 years Sailor Jerry came out with a new innovation “Savage Apple”, and its pretty freaking delicious.
If you’re anything like me, you probably get to your humpday and want to have a nice cocktail, but also can’t be bothered to leave your house. Hello google cocktail recipes! Sailor Jerry Savage Apple is the traditional vanilla and cinnamon taste, with some added fresh apple which sounds like an alcoholic apple crumble in a glass to me!
Humpday cocktails just got a whole lot more exciting!

Maybe not try this at home though…

On the night there was also FAIRY FLOSS. Can’t say no to anything sweet can I?

And sticking to the theme of Sailor Jerry I tried my best to match my outfit..

Sailor Jerry was also offering free tattoos on the night, which I didn’t get but I did like the look of a few, so I’ll probably do a post on that too!
You know who did get a tattoo though? Probably the guy that’s getting 2 very concerned looks from Raf (@travel.lifestyleblog) and myself:


Why the concern? Oh, probably because he got it on his head. That would probably be why.

Anyway!! Overall it was a fabulous night, and I’m looking forward to my humpday google “the best cocktail recipe I can use with Sailor Jerry Savage Apple.”