Shopping Centre Gems

SO! Close to my home is a little place called Castle Hill, growing up we did the majority of our shopping there until Rouse Hill introduced the Town Centre.

Well, we headed back into Castle Hill the other day and found ourselves in the home hub, welcome…….EDS!

You know that feeling when you’ve walked around the shops for the 10th time in a row, you’re sure that the good guys had the vacuum cleaner online, your stomach keeps growling at you, theres some 4 year old crying at ..oh! nothing. You’re Hangry.

Eds is placed beautifully outside the good guys for when you start to think about giving said 4 year old something to actually cry about. Breakfast is served until 11:30am, after that, there are snacks and beautiful lunches that you can eat in or get takeaway. I opted for a burger with the lot, it was beautifulllll!

If you’re ever around Castle Hill, call into the home hub and have a coffee, burger, caramel slice or bomb ass milkshake at Eds.