Olena + Rodneys Wedding

Now, not many people know that I have *mixed feelings* about social media. Some days I love it, other days I want to disappear off the face of the earth (on the internet anyway).

BUT, it’s times like these where I am SO grateful for it. I have made some truly beautiful friends through social media, and the events I go to through it. Olena Kahmula is one of those friends….and Rodney. 😉

I can’t remember WHAT event I met Olena at.. but I do remember always running into her and LOVING that she is such a genuine, down to earth, incredibly funny human, as is her partner Rodney. We soon became really good friends.

I was stoked when Olena and Rodney got engaged, I was excited to be a part of Olenas hens and I may have been a little emotional watching her walk down the aisle.

Olenas wedding was so much fun. Dancing, singing, more dancing, drinking.. more dancing.. more drinking.. OH, and outfit changes. Yes, you read that right. There was an outfit change from the wedding to the reception. Glamorous, I know.

Here are some extra photos from the day that I didn’t share on my feed.
Ceremony Dress (brown one) is from Xtabay Vintage and The reception dress (pink one) was picked up from a Vintage market in Marrickville NSW.
Shoes are (of course) Louboutin, in the style of Dorissima 100mm.