Vegan Haircare. Hit or Miss?

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by Coote Connex (a PR agency) to say hey to the beautful ladies that worked there and get the heads up on what’s new and exciting!

Coote Connex has always been one of my favourite PR companies, probably because of Maz -the stunning little blonde, who looks picture perfect ALL the time.. not to mention her impeccable taste in shoes. ANYWAY. Maz wasn’t there.. but Chanel was, and she walked me through the brands with what was new and noteworthy.

ENTER: Davroe.
Now, I’m healthy.. but not a health nut. I’m 100% going to say yes to any kind of sweet food, and will vary rarely pass on a trip to McDonalds. A vegan diet to me.. well, its laughable. Unfortunately my love of full cream milks, chocolate and eggs.. it’s just too strong.
Vegan beauty products aren’t new, in fact more and more brands are releasing vegan products.
Davroe specialises in natural, vegan haircare which is Australian made and absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Haircare for me is high on my priority list – I think because I do so many hair modelling shoots. My hair takes a beating, so when I’m washing my hair, I like to make sure that everything I use is gentle and nourishing.
Davroe is exactly that. It’s nourishing without weighing my hair down.. because lets face it, who likes flat hair? We need VOLUME people!!

These are the products I picked up at Coote Connex and what I thought:

Blonde Senses – Shampoo and Conditioner

Oh? You thought they’d have general shampoos and conditioners? NOPE. I picked up the Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner because those brassy tones need to go.
Not much to say – it does it’s job and it smells divine. I’m also a HUGE fan of bottles that can sit upright and upside down.. you know, for when you’re getting to the end of your product and you don’t have to stand in the shower shaking your arm up and down to get the last of it. Showers are for relaxation – not an arm workout.
Click here to check it out.

Luxe Leave-In Masque

I told you, my hair health is very important to me!
The Luxe leave-in masque is exactly how it describes itself – LUXE.
It can be used on wet and dry hair which means straight after the shower and then whenever I feel my hair needing a moisture pick-me-up.
If you’re into swimming – we all know what chlorinated pools to do the hair and even salt water can be quite damaging so lather on sone of this masque before jumping into the water to try and protect yourself from further damage!
Click here to check it out.


Hair masks, oh hair masks. I love you.
Davroe rebuilder is a godsend, I have a few hair masks that I adore and this one is definitely in my top 3.
It’s protein rich, so FABULOUS for strengthening the hair AND adding SHINE.
I use this once a week in conjunction with other hair masks (all on different days of course).
Check it out here.

Have you tried anything from Davroe? I think this is possibly my new favourite haircare brand. I’ll definitely be looking into more of their products.