I’m about ready to peel my face off.

Never have I EVER had an issue with my skin. Not ONCE. Acne? Nah. The odd pimple? yeah. So imagine my frustration when OUT OF NOWHERE my face gets “Perioral Dermatitis”.

Now, you all know how much I love any makeup and skincare.. and haircare.. and fashion..
But you know how much I love taking care of my skin. I took pride in having practically flawless skin 99% of the time.
Foundation? Only for events and photoshoots, the majority of the time I’d add a little drama to my eyes, fill in my brows, chuck on some bronzer and lipstick and out the door I go!

I was about ready to cry and peel my face off when it looked like this:


On the plus side.. my eyes look super blue.

So how did this all start?
As a small rash above my eye and on the corner of my mouth. I tried moisture masks, moisturising cleansers to bring the moisture back into my skin which helped a little, but it still didn’t go away.
After a month fighting with these small marks I went to the doctors who prescribed me with a steroid cream, which got rid of them.. almost overnight.
The end. HA. Not.

What happened?
I would stop using the cream which made the rash come back worse, so I’d use the cream again to get rid of it. This cycle continued for a couple of months. Eventually I felt like I was covering my whole face in this steroid cream to get rid of the rash, so I went to the doctors again.
The next doctor to look at my face said I definitely should not have been prescribed that cream and has now put me on antibiotics for the next 60 days as well as prescribed topical lotion called “Dalacin T” – this is typically used for Acne, but for me it’s to stop my Perioral Dermatitis.

Results? It’s SLOWLY helping, but still not gone. It’s been about 2 weeks.


As for my skincare routine I’ve been trying to use as many natural products as possible and lots of moisturising ones.
Will share more updates soon, but I’m interested to see if anyone else has had this problem?