Happy New Year!! and a sad-ish announcement.

Happy 2020 everyone! We were a little quiet in January due to Sarah and I working out what we’re doing with Sydney Sisters.

Unfortunately, Sydney Sisters the Instagram page (for now) won’t be continuing. Sarah and I no longer live together, and when we do see one another, our main priority is just generally catching up. Not creating content for our Instagram page. We will have our own separate pages, and you’ll most likely see us together on those.
We’re sorry!!

HOWEVER! This blog will still exist and we plan on keeping it more updated than ever. We want to get a little more personal, show some BTS photos + videos that we don’t share to our social media, talk about our lives, our plans, and of course what we’re loving.. or not loving product wise!

We’re really sorry to all of those who followed our page and looked forward to our posts (we’ll miss it too), but for now, we’re nearly always hours apart, and towards the end of the year we’ll be countries apart… it makes it a little difficult to be together, and neither of us are that talented on photoshop.

Happy 2020, and we look forward to keeping in touch through Sydney Sisters the blog.