What’s Hot At Priceline SS18

Every 6 months Priceline holds an event called “The Beauty Prescription”, this is basically a trade show where a few of the brands Priceline hold, get together and share all their new exciting products, discuss new beauty trends, and Priceline fill us in as to what has been selling like hotcakes.

Here’s our picks for what is worth trying:

The Quick Flick – The ultimate makeup hack! It currently comes in 2 colours – Black and “Hot Fudge” (Brown)… but there mayyyy be a new colour joining the line up “Blue Velvet”, look out on our Instagram for that one.


Neutrogenas Light Therapy Pen – Do you have a pimple? Not anymore. Oh my gosh, Neutrogena have released the pen version of their light therapy mask and let me tell you, it’s a lifesaver. You know that feeling UNDER your skin you get when theres a pimple on its way.. well if you place the light on top of that feeling, it penetrates the skin and starts killing that pimple off before its even shown. It works just as well on already visible pimples, but hey, prevention is key.

Le Tan UBER GLOW – Fake tanning season is upon us. Why go for a normal dark bronze tan when you could have the tan of a GODDESS. Le Tans Uber Glow leaves you .. well.. glowing. The tan adds a very slight shimmer to your body so when that sun catches you.. BAM! Goddess.

Vice Reversa – Stop Spots, Stop Wrinkles, Stop your Ex from bugging you. Ok.. maybe not the last one BUT this brand is definitely onto something. Patches with micro needles made of product that sink into your skin and penetrate the deeper layers to reduce and prevent any wrinkles and spots.. definitely worth a look.
*****This Product is not out until November*****

Solinotes – A beautiful French brand that is all for celebrating individuality all the way down to your scent. The brand has created a series of scents that are buildable with their other scents to create your own beautiful signature.

Black Out Pore – If you’re a fan of Korean skincare and watching the gunk out of your pores leave.. do not go past Black Out Pore. In particular the 3 step nose pack.

Worthy mentions and our personal Priceline faves also need to go to:

Burts Bees Glossy Lipstick – Very very quickly became one of our favourites, finally found my PERFECT nude shade.

Schick – Effortlessly fab razor. Its bi-directional, which means you you can shave up and down your legs without lifting the razor.. hell yes.

YesTo – Tomato + Charcoal Stick – Ultimate lazy girl mask, just roll it all over wet or dry skin, leave it on and rinse it off. No spatulas, no brushes, no messy fingers.. it’s like a glue stick for your face.