First Love (Automotive Love, That Is)

I don’t open up about my personal life, and maybe I should, maybe in my experiences I could teach other young women out there what I’ve learnt.. but for now, I’ll keep it at my fist automotive love.
The Jaguar E-Type.

My Dads baby.. which I’ve now stolen.

The Jaguar E-Type is a classic car, and what a good looking classic car it is. I was shoved in the back of it as a baby (if you’ve seen the backseat, you’ll know what I mean by “shoved”), I stood out of the roof arriving to my Year 6 formal, my darling sister then copied. Year 10 formal was rushed so I took my mums Ford station wagon (not so classic) and year 12…. well, I refused to go to that one.

SO, when Jaguar themselves invited me to come and check out their new car the “E-Pace”, how could I say no?
The E-Pace is probably best described as the ‘Sexy Mum Car’, its a sleek but roomy family car.
When you walk into the Jaguar/LandRover showroom in Bondi Junction, it’s very clear that all the staff love their automotive, and not just Jaguar and Land Rover. It didn’t matter who you spoke to, all the staff were knowledgeable in what they loved. Most of the staff had their own “weekend” cars and loved being around other car lovers.

Check out some of the photos below of Jags latest creation: