A New Machine To Help You Actually Function In The Morning.

Jura S8.
Not familiar with the brand Jura?
How do I get it?
How does it work?
Wait.. what is it!?

Jura have a new coffee machine, because let’s face it, no other machine actually helps you function in the morning!

Jura have launched their new coffee machine available from mid March/early April.
And if just a plain old, touch screen, Bluetooth controlled coffee machine isn’t enough, it’s so shiny, you could even apply your lipstick with it (how’s that for post coffee touch ups?)

The beautiful Erin Molan (presenter at channel 9), helped introduce this new machine.

So let’s look at the positives:
– it’s a coffee machine. (pretty sure I could stop the positives here.. but if you need more convincing..)
– black and silver exterior, so it will look beautiful in every kitchen.
– Touch screen with up to 15 different coffee settings. Hello macchiato, piccolo, flat white, long black, cappuccino.. yeah, you get it.
– Bluetooth. Bluetooth? Yes. The Jura S8 has an app that can control your machine from your couch.
– The app. Juras app also holds an unlimited amount of coffee preferences. Not only that, you can name the preferences to friends names.. and add photos (just in case you forgot what they looked like pre coffee)
– Automated cleaning. Yup, no need to pull it all apart and clean it yourself. The S8 has an automated cleaning option, so it has its own mini dishwasher inside.. (thank you coffee machine gods).
– You can use any brand of coffee. The Jura S8 freshly crushes coffee beans each time you make a coffee, the greatest thing about that is you can use any brand of coffee beans!
– By using freshly ground coffee, you’re minimising waste, therefore saving the environment! (Saving the world one coffee at a time)
– Coffee beans work out cheaper! 1Kg of coffee beans…. or 1 Kg of pods..?

So what about the negatives?
– In order to use the Bluetooth setting, there has to be a cup already waiting at the machine to capture your coffee. Unfortunately Jura haven’t created a robot to fetch that for you yet. But that’s easily solved by getting into a habit of leaving a cup there!
– There’s no automatic sugar button 🙁

Honestly, I tried to think of more negatives but I couldn’t.. Jura have thought of everything.

Via @360praustralia
Via @360praustralia