Help Me, I’m Blonde.

Blondes have more fun.
I wouldn’t know this for a fact because I’ve never changed my hair colour BUT what I do know is how to keep your naturally blonde locks looking their best.

For ages I struggled with having darker roots, and it was the most frustrating thing.
I tried every lightening product under the sun, seriously, under the sun.. apparently lemon juice in your hair and sitting under the sun works wonders. If you have patience.

I don’t have patience.

SO, one day after my sister decided to dye her hair (again), we were googling all the quickest ways to get it out without using bleach, welcome… developer!
Developer is like the chemical steam for your hair. It opens up all the pores in your hair so that when you colour your hair the colour can seep in with ease and stick.
It also works to open the pores before you shampoo as a deep cleanse.

Think of it as, steaming your face and then using a facial scrub, how fresh and clean your skin feels after.

I use De Lorenzos 40Vol Developer.
Apply it to dry hair at the roots and leave it for about 10 minutes and then apply it to the rest of your hair and leave it for another 20 minutes before showering.
You will feel slight tingling as it opens up all the pores but this is normal.
After the 20 minutes, wash your hair as you usually do.
As soon as you get out of the shower you should feel a difference, all the product and oil build up in your roots will have left and made your hair not only feel lighter but look lighter too.
I do this once every 1 to 2 months depending on what products I’ve been putting on my hair.

NOTE: This is for my natural blondies, I wouldn’t recommend using this on your blonde hair if it’s been bleached and dyed that way.