LG TwinWash

Why Do We Like Doing The Washing!!!? ?

Why do we like doing the washing? The LG Twin Wash is why.

With two seperate compartments, we can have two loads going at the same time, which means no more arguing as to what colour we should wash first! The larger section is really great for bedding, towels or large washes (the times where you’ve been avoiding the washing for, pretty much….a month.), and the smaller section is really great for your everyday washing and LINGERIE!! One of us had a little bit of a lingerie addiction, and apparently that addiction is contagious. Now we both have this addiction. With loving lingerie as much as we do, we like to make sure it is cared for properly, The LG Twin Wash Bottom draw is PEEEEEERFECT for lingerie as it’s cold wash only AND theres a “hand wash” setting.
If something doesn’t need to be physically washed, the LG Twin Wash has a “refresh” setting using hot steam to air out your garment and.. freshen it up!
The washing machine is time saving, being able to do two washes at the same time, we’ve been able to cut our washing day in half.. if only there was a way to do that with our ironing.
On top of all the settings the LG washing machine has, it is also a dryer (great for rainy days), we personally try to avoid using the dryer in summer because clothes dry so quickly in this heat anyway, but we do love washing our towels and putting them in the dryer so we have a fresh hot towel when we get out of the shower!

We could spend all day talking about our love for this machine, but we may leave that for another day!
Check it out below and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.. we know the importance of having a good washing machine and we’d be happy to help! However… it seems LG have tailored this to fit everyone.