So Frenchy, So Chic, So ….

So Frenchy, So Chic. The ultimate French festival showcasing France’s finest musicians surrounded by French food, wine, and brands like Renault, Lancôme, Kérastase and our saviour of the day.. La Roche-Posay!

It was 40 degrees celsius, the sun was super strong, we were by the water, and after a few days holiday down the coast, our skin was lacking some major moisture… Enter La-Roche Posay 50+ Dry Oil. Not only did either of us get burnt, but we both came home with skin that felt way more moisturised than when we arrived. La Roche-Posay had their own little Croquet section where you could sit under umbrellas and watch people play, go out and give it a go yourself, chat to the beautiful representatives about their products and try them out for yourself! We opted for the oil and grabbed ourselves one of their UV Patches (if you haven’t tried these, they’re the coolest thing ever and we recommend them just because they scale so high up on the ‘cool’ scale.)

We spent the day, eating, watching croquet (because neither of us should be handed a mini hammer and a ball), lazing around listening to French musicians, drinking, eating some more, exploring all the popups…and we did not get burnt! Not even pink! WE ARE WHITE. Put us in front of a black wall wearing grey and the only colour you would see is our hair, eyes and lips.
We were so impressed with the oil and our UV patch for keeping us updated as to how much UV exposure we were getting.

Kérastase provided everyone with braids, Lancôme provided us with lipstick touch ups, the amount of French food stands made us wish our stomachs were never ending and the music made you feel that for a moment in time you, were in France hanging out a festival… (just close your eyes so you don’t see the Anzac Bridge and the Harbour Bridge in the background!).

So Frenchy, So Chic is a family friendly festival and we were lucky enough to be invited as guests to experience the whole day that goes into the night… but we’re essentially Grandmas, so we left a little early. Majorly fun and if you’re in love with France and the French culture as much as what we are… we are sure you will love it too!

Check out our highlights of the day!!