The Ultimate …… and slightly “cheesy” gift!

What’s better than seeing a wine glass come your way? Another wine glass… WITH CHEESECAKE INSIDE!

We work with some truly incredible humans across different PR Companies who absolutely spoil us. If we had a dollar for every time we say “thank you” to these guys, we would be living on acreage on the harbour, driving around an Aston Martin “Vantage”.. or for Sarah a purple Lamborghini, sipping Verve daily, walking around in amazing underwear, wearing a crown and Louboutins.
Sometimes saying thank you, doesn’t feel enough.
SO as the new year came in we decided, what better way to spoil those who spoil us with some home made cheesecake in a wine glass! Perfect for parties, dessert, family christmas gatherings, new years or just to keep in your fridge. Cheers!

See how to create these glasses of goodness below:

– 250g Digestive Biscuits
– 70g Butter
– 455g Cream Cheese
– 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
– 20g Lemon Juice
– 340g Thickened Cream
– 150g CSR Caster Sugar
– Rose Pink Food Dye
– Silver Cachous

Make sure your glasses are clean.
Crush the biscuits either in a large ziplock bag using a rolling pin or I used a Moulinex Food Processor.
Add the butter to your crushed biscuits and make sure it is mixed evenly.
I scooped 1/4 of a cup of biscuit base into the glass, using a funnel made out of paper to avoid getting it onto the sides of the glass. Depending on your glass size you may need more or less!
Pat the base down so it’s solid, using anything that has a flat bottom and fits in your glass (I used a shot glass).
Mix your cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and lemon juice together until smooth, I used a Kitchenaid with a scape blade.
Add in your cream, mix on low to combine then on high to thicken and aerate the mixture, I switched to a whisk attachment on my Kitchenaid for this.
Add food colouring and mix again if you want your cheesecake to have colour. I used 4 drops of Rose Pink to create a light pink colour.
Pour your cheesecake mixture into a large piping bag and cut a hole at the bottom. (The size of the hole will depend on the size of your glass, mine was about 2cm but if you have a large glass or are doing them in a champagne glass you may want to cut yours bigger or smaller.)
Pipe your cheesecakes out into the glasses. Depending on the size of your glass will depend on how many you can make. For me, this made about 7-8 depending on how pedantic I was on keeping them even!
Refrigerate over night for the best results.
Decorate however you would like! I used silver cachous.