Hidden treasures

Summer. Hot days, balmy nights and water spiders…..
Well, they were actually crabs but you wouldn’t have known that the way Sarah was running towards me with a panicked look on her face screaming “IT RAN TOWARDS ME”.

Just after New Years, and school holidays were coming to an end, we decided it was time to escape down to one of our favourite childhood memories. Narrawallee.
Located 10 minutes away from Ulladulla on the south coast of New South Wales, Narrawallee is our hidden treasure. With a 2 minute walk from our door you have the option of walking down to the beach or heading towards an inlet. If you’re a surfer, we definitely recommend the beach but if you’re just there for some splashing around, swimming, paddle boarding, canoeing, fishing or even a picnic on the sand, we recommend heading towards the inlet. Crystal clear waters surrounded by beautiful bushland, and not an overly populated area, Narrawallee is one of the easiest places to escape to and just breathe.

Oh… and it’s also quiet enough that you can ride your lipstick in the middle of the road without having to worry about a car!

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